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"DSCST" a.k.a. - Dangerous Scientific Computing Support Team

    A-Amazing quotes from the IT managers of a SCIENCE-based regulatory agency (your tax dollars hard at work):

  • "... if these are 'lab PCs' why is there a rush to get the latest and greatest version of [MS] Office installed? ..."

  • "... We have a somewhat uneasy truce with [REDACTED-1] about their inclusion of designated scientific use PCs on the regulatory network. [REDACTED-1] is the only Center that operates in this manner, and to the extent of the machines included. This isn't an arrangement that we have any desire to encourage or perpetuate in any other Center; we consider it dangerous to the [REDACTED-2] regulatory network, and counter to the mandate of [REDACTED-3]. ..."

  • And another oration from the omnipotent orifice: "...This is out of hand. I will not provide anything at this time. ..."

  • The beat goes on: (With respect to where and when) "...We don't have time to provide such info every time we report a problem. ..."

  • From the "Judas" manager of Inside[REDACTED-4]: "...[REDACTED-5] said to DRAG YOUR FEET."

  • And most confoundedly not to overlook disturbingly, another manager in the Evil Empire: "We have BIG plans for you."

  • Here they come again, the oriface, the most omnipotent: "[REDACTED-5] - please remember to install customer apps on E drive. The C drive is reserved for os, patches. Thanks! [REDACTED-6]"

  • From the "Mouth of the South": "Right now Scientific Computing computers are the most vulnerable devices in the [REDACTED]."

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